In today’s gospel we see Jesus help Simon’s mother-in–law.  She then in turn waited on them.

Then Jesus cured the sick who were brought to Him, expelled demons from the possessed He encountered, and preached the good news to the poor.

What Jesus did, we too must do in our own ministry to those in need today.  Where we find sickness, we can offer assistance in some form.  Where we find possession by drugs or drink, we can support programs that help those who are afflicted.   Where we find depression, we can share the good news of hope that can be  recovered by prayer.

Sometimes we can help people cope with their difficulties by words or gestures of encouragement.  At other times we can help people through their pain by just being present and sympathetic.  Whatever we have to say or do to minister to someone who is hurting should be of great importance to us.

Such a person may experience a day when his or her life seems to fall apart because of loss of job or health or a loved one.  But he should never know a day or night without a friend.  He or she should always be able to depend on our being there the way Jesus would be present—to touch, to listen and to love.

God Bless

Msgr. Powell