11th Sunday in Ordinary Time

In today’s gospel we have two parables about the Kingdom of God.  Like the seed that a farmer sows, there is an inner life and power to God’s Kingdom.  The farmer no more puts life in the seed than those who serve God’s Kingdom are responsible for its power.  On a day to day basis, it may not seem like the Kingdom of God is  breaking into the world.  But neither can we see plants grow by staring at them.

Jesus spent most of His time preaching in the small villages of Galilee– about as unimportant a place as the Son of God could have chosen for His mission.  Yet from this insignificant, mustard– seed beginning the Kingdom of God was established in the universe.

If God does not seem to be acting now, like a farmer asleep for the night, His Kingdom is unfolding all the same.  The beginning of God’s reign may look tiny, like a mustard seed, but the final flowering will be majestic.

Times are such today that we find ourselves oppressed by many social issues.  We are often ridiculed for our stand about decency in public entertainment and our stance on the problems within our world.  Like the faithful people who lived before us, we need to be reassured,  to be reaffirmed in our faith in God’s power to take our tiny efforts and make them grow.

No matter how small our efforts may be to promote Christian causes, god will multiply them with His hidden power to bring about magnificent results.  He has accomplished it in the past and He will do it again through us.

We may not see these results in our own lifetime, but the parables of Jesus are a promise that they will happen in His own time.

God Bless,

Msgr. Powell