14th Sunday in Ordinary Time

In todays Gospel, we read one of the most beautiful and most important sayings of Jesus.  “Come to me, all you who are  weary and find life burdensome, and I will refresh you…”

Experiencing weariness and finding life burdensome is part of the human condition.  There is ordinary fatigue from hard work.  There is weariness that comes from boredom.  An extreme kind of weariness borders on severe depression and  suicide.

Just as there are different degrees of weariness, so too there are different types of burdens.  There is the ordinary burden of responsibility that comes from being a leader, parent or teacher.  There is also the burden of being sick, handicapped, out of work, widowed or divorced.  In some circumstances we feel the heavy weight of being restricted– physically, financially or emotionally.

There are also the burdens we sometimes carry in looking after others—perhaps taking care of a disabled child, a crippled spouse, or a senile parent.   No matter what type of weariness or what burdens we may be carrying, Jesus says: “Come to me and I will give you rest.”  Not only does he promise rest but also strength and peace because he will give us grace, he will give us life.

If only we believe that, we would fulfill our responsibilities with joy, fight to overcome difficulties with determination, and take on challenges with courage.  We will discover that “his yoke is easy and His burden light.”

God Bless

Msgr. Powell