16th Sunday in Ordinary Time

The parable of the seeds among the wheat teaches us that in the world and in the church there will always be a mix of good and evil people.  Since the sorting out will not take place until the final judgement, we are implicitly cautioned to refrain in the meantime from condemning anyone.  We must continue proclaiming the good news and offer mercy, hoping that before the end every heart will be drawn to God.

The mustard seed and the yeast describe the inexplicable expansion of the kingdom from unremarkable  beginnings to a vast,  all encompassing community of believers. Such mysterious growth can be explained only by the action of the Holy Spirit.

The church’s  mission began in a simple way with the twelve apostles.  But because of God’s power it has undergone tremendous development over the centuries.  If we nurture the seed of faith with the bread of the Eucharist and enrich our lives with the yeast of the Scripture, we cannot help but grow and expand and produce something marvelous for the Lord.

It does not matter how limited our talents are.  With God’s grace, we can use those talents to do tremendous things in the world.  With God behind us, we can accomplish mighty work for Him.

We need never get discouraged by how small the seed of our own resources seems to be. Under God’s care our tiny effort can grow and multiply to produce great things in His Kingdom.

God Bless,

Msgr. Powell