Pentecost Sunday

Just as Jesus experienced rejection, so will those who are united with Him.  Jesus will send the Holy Spirit to strengthen and sustain His followers, even when they have to suffer because of their friendship with Him.  The Holy Spirit will continue Jesus’ mission of revealing the Father.  The Spirit will “guide you to all truth” – that is enlighten the followers of Jesus to understand more than they were capable of taking in during Jesus’ public ministry.

We rightly look upon Jesus as the revelation of God to us, but we cannot understand Jesus apart from the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  If our faith was limited to what Jesus was able to convey to His followers during His relatively brief public ministry, our faith would be inadequate.

While the Holy Spirit guides every individual follower of Jesus, an accent must be placed on His guidance of the community of the Church as a whole.  It is the Holy Spirit who gives life to Church and guides it along the path of truth.

May the grace of the Holy Spirit come upon us as we continue to grow as a parish family.

God Bless,

Msgr. Powell