Divine Mercy Sunday

The peace that Jesus gives is not a mere feeling of well-being but the wholeness that flows from His gift of salvation. Through His death and resurrection we have been given eternal life.

In His love for us, Jesus calls us to His mission of love.  Whereas the Father, has sent Him, now he sends us on this mission to love.  Only the gift of the Spirit can enable us to participate in the mission of the Son of God.

The mandate that Jesus gives His disciples is a summary of His life and ours: “As the Father has sent me, so I send you.”  As Jesus revealed the Father for all to see— through His teachings, His healing signs, and finally through His total self-gift on the cross, now Jesus sends us, His disciples, on that same mission.  We are to embody the Father’s love, to teach and heal, to comfort and bring peace, to love as Jesus Loved.

Thomas acts out our reluctance to believe.  Could an executed man still walk about?  Thomas says “you’ll have to show me.”  Jesus does.  Thomas then responds with one of the supreme statements of faith in John’s gospel: “My Lord and My God.”  This statement is the climax of the gospel. Jesus’ response is its conclusion.  You and I believe in Jesus even though we have not seen Him.  Blessed indeed are we.

God Bless

Msgr. Powell