Fourth Sunday of Advent

Jesus was born at a time when messianic expectations were high.  His whole life would show how He indeed fulfilled these messianic hopes.

The Title Christ was a Greek translation for the Hebrew word “Messiah”, meaning “the anointed one.”  As more and more Gentiles entered the Church, the word Christ gradually lost its distinction as a title and became part of our Lord’s personal name.  “Jesus the Christ” became simply “Jesus Christ.”

If Jesus as Messiah is going to mean anything to us personally, we must acquire some of the attitudes of the Israelites before He was born.  We need a Savior in our life.  Without a Savior we are sinners with no escape.  However, with a Savior we are sinners who are set free.

We also need to acquire the attitude of patient waiting.  Somehow through centuries of trials and exile the Israelites were able to wait patiently for the coming Messiah.  In our fast-paced world we find it more and more difficult to wait patiently for those things in life that need more time to unfold, things like learning and loving, or friendship and family.  Are we able to wait patiently in our struggles and setbacks for the Messiah to come and deliver us?

Finally, we need to imitate Mary’s faith-filled attitude of “let it be.”  God has called us as He did Mary.  We may not be free of all fear when we answer God’s call, but since His Spirit overshadows us, “let it be.”  We may not be too sure about our resources, but since God sends us sometimes to do the impossible anyway, “let it be.”

God Bless

Msgr. Powell