Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe

Todays liturgy focuses on two points.  The first is proclaiming Christ as King, and the second is our efforts to extend His kingdom on earth.

The biblical image used by Ezekiel is the Good Shepherd.  The prophet pictures for us what the Good Shepherd does for his sheep.  In the New Testament, Matthew presents what our Good Shepherd expects from us.

Ezekiel says that when we stray from the fold and get lost, he seeks us out and brings us back to the fold.  If we get sick or injured, he heals us or binds up our wounds.

Truly there is nothing lacking in the love God has lavished upon us.  That is why as we end our Ordinary time, we celebrate a Thanksgiving holiday to praise and thank God for His love toward us.

On the other hand, the gospel parable outlines what the Good Shepherd expects from us.  If we want to enter His Kingdom, we have to give food to the hungry and drink to the thirsty.

If we want to hear His words of welcome, then we have to welcome the stranger and clothe the naked.  If we want to be consoled by the Lord, we need to comfort the sick and visit the imprisoned.

So, if we want to honor Christ the King, we need to extend His Kingdom on earth, and then enter His kingdom in heaven.  We need to: do something for the least of Christ’s brothers and sisters, so that we will be doing it for Him.

Happy Thanksgiving

Msgr. Powell