The Most Holy Trinity

In the Creed we confess that there is one God, but three Persons.  Too often we have negative feelings about our faith in this mystery because we can not adequately understand it, let alone explain it.

The readings today take a positive approach to explaining the three divine Persons.  In the first reading from Deuteronomy it simply states in a very positive way that God is Lord of all, that He created us and that there is no other God.

St. Paul refuses to get fixated on our fears and on those things that enslave us.  Instead, he gets all excited about how we are led by the Spirit of God’s family, into true freedom and ultimate glory.

In Matthew’s gospel Jesus doesn’t make a lengthy speech to the apostles about how they should explain the Trinity.  He just tells them to proclaim this teaching and to baptize in the name of the Trinity.

God the Father is the beginning and the end of all, the creator, the ruler.  He is the God who gave us the Commandments and the God we address as “Our Father.”  Jesus Christ is the only– begotten Son of God, the divine Word of God who took on human nature.  He died for our sins and rose from the dead to bring us eternal life.   Jesus shows us the God who heals and forgives us.  He also shows us the God who challenges us to higher things and sends us out to do His work.

The Holy Spirit is the comforter who is always with us, the Paraclete who teaches us.  The Spirit is the breath of God giving us new life, the love of God poured into our hearts, and the power of God enabling us to become His witnesses.

As we profess our faith this day in the Trinity of Persons in the one God, may we pray to them to help us become the kind of person we are meant to be— a true child of God Our Father, a living image of Jesus His Son and a consecrated temple of the Holy Spirit.

God Bless

Msgr. Powell