27th Sunday in Ordinary Time

The parable in today’s gospel describes God as a landowner who prepared a beautiful vineyard and gave it to His  people to tend.  However, the people wanted not just their share of the harvest, but the whole thing.  They even abused and killed the prophets God sent to help them.

Finally, in a desperate attempt to save His vineyard and His people, God sent His own Son, hoping they would respect and honor Him.  However, they abused and killed Him in an effort to seize His inheritance.

When we hear the story we first think of revenge.  We desire vengeance on the tenants.  However God chose another alternative— the alternative of unconditional love, and he is still doing it today.

No matter how far we wander away from Him like the lost sheep, he gently seeks us out and brings us back to Himself.  No matter how foolish or wasteful we have been with our lives, he is always ready to give us a new start.  No matter how hopeless or desperate our situation might become, He has already prepared a way out for us.

God calls us to be like Himself.  He calls us to follow His example.  He calls us to allow the hurts in our lives which might cause bitterness and hatred to become for us occasions for generous self-giving.

We can love unconditionally: an alcoholic in our family or among our friends; a spouse whose affection has become cold; a teenager who rejects our family  values; a neighbor or fellow worker who tells lies about us.  God calls us to allow Him to inspire us to feel beyond our own personal wounds, and reach out with compassion to heal the wounds of others who may be hurting more than we do.  By following Gods example of unconditional love, we can give new life to another person.

God Bless

Msgr. Powell