28th Sunday in Ordinary Time

The parable today pictures a negative attitude of complacency.  The wedding banquet is a symbol of His Kingdom.  Everything is ready, but when the time comes for the feast to begin, none of the invited guests are present.

It is not so much that they refused to come, they merely had more important things to do and would come later.  Since the wedding banquet was not a high priority to them and would run well past midnight, the invited guests decided that rather than cancel or postpone their scheduled business, they would attend later.

In their view, the Kings wedding banquet could wait a while, whereas in the Kings view, this party would not wait.  Basically, Jesus was telling His disciples that the Kingdom of God is a matter of urgency and top priority; it demands our response here and now, and not at some other place and time.

Unfortunately most of us do not take our Lord’s invitation seriously.  How many times does he call His people to come to His weekly Eucharistic Banquet on Sundays, only to be ignored because there are more important things to do like, playing a game of golf, shopping or sleeping a little longer.  Think about it.  How many times does Jesus invite us to become more prayerful people, only to have us turn away to our television sets for a program or a sports event.  How often does Jesus invite us to be more helpful to others, only to have us look beyond their needs to our trivial pursuits or vain amusements?

On the one hand, it is sad to see people drift through life because they lack a sense of urgency.  On the other hand, it is exciting to experience people who have a strong sense of urgency about some Holy Grail in their life.  They pursue with passion liberty or learning or love of the Lord.  We all need to recognize opportunities that may never come again and reach out for growth and greatness.

The banquet of God’s Kingdom is ready, the invitations are sent, and an RSVP is attached.  The Lord is waiting for  your answer.

God Bless,

Msgr. Robert Powell