Just as our body needs food to live, so to do Christians need another kind of food for our spirits to live. The food par excellence for our spirits is the Sacrament of the Eucharist. Without food we cannot live a full human life and enjoy health, work, learning and freedom.

It is no different in our life of the Spirit. Without the food of the Eucharist we become weak and incapable of reaching out to help others; we become easy victims to temptation and depression. Without the bread of life we quickly lose interest in reading Scripture and in praying; we lose our freedom in the Spirit and become enslaved by the materialism of the world. In other words, we need the Eucharist to become fully alive in our spiritual life.

As a Church, we are the Spirit-filled people of God who feed the Eucharist in faith as a sign of our total dependence on the Lord as the ultimate source of our life. We the Church—you and me—are the Mystical Body of Jesus Christ. We are a people who share our bread with others— bread for the hungry by helping the poor; bread for the oppressed by fighting for justice; bread for the lonely by offering friendship; bread for the despairing by giving encouragement.

There is no need for physical or spiritual hunger. We need to work together to become a Spirit— filled people who feed on the Eucharist and share it with others. Pray that we may truly become a people of Faith who through the Bread of Life can fulfill all our needs.

God Bless

Msgr. Powell